Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Make’n Videos in Anbar Province

Wow. When 2-63 Armor went to Macedonia back in ’99, the battalion had two issued laptops and probably a dozen or more personal platforms that individuals like me had brought along to entertain ourselves.

My slab of plastic was certainly not Internet capable, and it strained and huffed and bitched just running “Word.”

Seven years latter: IT allows Joe to cut quality parodies of Saturday Night Live videos right in the heart of the Sunni Insurgency.

Without further ado:

Lazy Ramadi

The original SNL video can be found here. That and Natalie Portman serving up thoughts on Jack Daniels, brawling, and live’n high at Harvard. Then there's the whole Laser Cats thing...

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Ridgetop said...

I could see where porn addictions could be bad. Instead of having the battle software up to see where all the units are, they would have the porn on the monitors to see where all the units. . .uh. . .are. Could you imagine:

Echo Wombat: "Peterson, where the hell are you wandering off too. Turn that Bradly around, watch for that fountain, OK, the fountain did not need to be there. Wait, watch out for that Fiat. . . ."

Peterson: "Uhhh, Echo Wombat, wait one. Hillary XXX Cliteen is almost done. Dang that girl can can ride an audience! I'd vote for her anyday!"

Echo Wombat: "I'm going to beat down you sorry a$$ Peterson. You'd better not be watching that Corrupt Pages III video again!!"

Peterson: "Huh, Huh! He said beat".