Saturday, October 14, 2006

Surf Candy

Diverse intellectual amusements and eye-candy sundries:

William Gibson’s blog:
  • Gibson Blog
    The man who made science fiction hip literature brings us surreal You Tube videos, weird and wonderful technology, as well as bleeding-edge underground culture.

    Political cartoons:

  • Cagel's politcal cartoons
    What’s more fun than the antics of a 50-year-old conservative politician in pursuit of his 16-year-old page? Watching the cartoonists make hay with the situation.

    The Washington Post
  • Washington Post
    High quality to noise ratio. And a mean selection of comics.

    US commentary, culture, art, politics -- slightly left.

    Arts and Letters Daily:
  • Arts and Daily Letters
    International culture high and low, art, essays -- a little right of center.

    Red Meat:
  • Red Meat
    Sick, surreal, subversive.

  • Dilbert

    Defense Tech
  • Defense Org.
    A goldmine of mil tech schtupf.
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