Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Today’s Epistemology

Life is as oft Black and White as it is shades of Grey.

Where I’m coming from with this: A child of the 70s and 80s, I grew up reading that life is most often shades of grey. Robert Heinlein among others argued for the relativity of not only culture, but of value itself. Mostly shades of Grey was the view I subscribed to, and Grey has certainly been the case in many of situations that life has taken me through. Many times there have not been clear cut better options, and the good was often freighted with costs to be weighed and contrasted.

On the other hand, I’ve lived through simple, clear cut times just about as often as I’ve been through murky circumstances. Existence is some times simple, sometimes complex, in about equal measures.

Black and White, and Grey in like portions, thus far.

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Ridgetop said...

Often I have complex thoughts with black and white and sometimes gray choices also.

Such as: Should I have one or two pieces of birthday cake?

or more gray: Should I sleep for a 1/2 more or an hour more. Both have benefits, but both have consequences. . . .

Or, from today: Should I work out next to the fat sweaty guy who stinks but is next to the weights I need, or should I work out next to the hot blond who talks too much and makes funny sounds when she lifts. . .oh the complexities of life.

Note: Maybe I'm crazy, but I worked out next to the stinky sweaty guy. The hot blond's entourage was too annoying and noisey. Frickin' married guys need to realize they have no hope in getting a piece of her. . .it's like watching a bunch of neutered chihuahuas going after a female Great Dane. Lots of hope and absolutely no chance. Not to mention screwing up my workout.