Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My First Homebrew

Note the glorious golden hefeweizen color.


JensA said...

Hej. Hur smakade det?

Alex said...

Oops! Sorry for taking so long to get your comment up and then to reply. I haven’t been checking my email. *smacks forehead*

The taste was good, but too much hopy bitterness and not quite enough wheat. It was more of an American Northwestern wheat beer rather than a German Heffe. So we doubled up the amount of wheat in for the second batch. THAT was much closer to the kind of Bavarian taste I was looking for. Still too much hops, but almost there. What I’d like to ultimately like to do is replicate a lot of the good beers that I was drinking while stationed in Germany. The Franconian smoked, Dunklweissen, and so on…

Do you have your own blog yet?

It’s good to hear from you.