Friday, February 16, 2007

Alex’s Volcano Tour

Andesitic divinities, or so they are described in the myths of the Pacific Northwest Indians. At any rate, I had fun driving past and exploring some of the region's strato volcanoes on my way south.





JensA said...

Snygga bilder. Det är nästan man misstänker att ett par stycken är vykort. Är de?

Alex said...

Good eye. Yes. Mt. Hood was completely fogged in for the two weeks before I headed back down to Reno, so I used a friends photo. I think it was taken last spring. Such are the perils of trying to photograph volcanoes in the Northwest's cloudy winters. Mt. Lassen was a shot from an earlier trip, as you may have guessed from the lack of snow.

By the way, I plan on Showing LBM Shaolin Soccer tonight. He hasn’t seen it yet.