Wednesday, February 28, 2007


More YouTube strangeness, just because .

That and only on Japanese game shows are you allowed to torture people with such inane, casual pop-culture cruelty .

At any rate, the first day of work. It took twenty minutes to dig out the car, and then the driver’s side door handle snapped off when I tried to open the door. It turns out the doors were frozen shut, and it required an additional twenty minutes with a spray can of lock de-icer and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to melt the ice off the door seals.

More snow on the way tonight, so we'll see if any more hills collapse down in San Fran.

This weekend, LBM and I WILL get my side of the garage cleaned out. No more of this parking outdoors sh*t.

The old Q crew was certainly happy to see me back, and that was cool. Very cool.

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