Monday, April 23, 2007

Going North

Traversing the desert at dawn

Snow on the Eastern Sierras

Susanville, California…

…a town of coffee-shop philosophy.

Entering the high country of the extreme Northern Sierras—far more winter like than during my February trip south

Mt. Lassen dominating its volcanic wilderness. I intend to hike this peak during the summer.

Lava flows now crowned with pine and manzanita

Mt. Shasta as seen from 30 miles (48 km) south

The Black Butte cinder cone, abutting Interstate 5 on the southwestern flank of Shasta

Mt. Shasta, as seen from due east. The mountain’s glaciers are obscured by seasonal snow, but will be distinctly visible after the spring runoff.

Descending into Oregon's very green Rouge River Valley.

Entering the Columbia River Gorge


Ridgetop said...

Finally got around to looking at your picks. Cool stuff. I had forgotten the website address but found it hidden away in the recesses of the computer's seldom used caverns of microsoftness.

Ridgetop said...

Finally saw the pics. Look great.