Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to Lassen

The Eye of Vulcan: A natural artifact emblazoned on western side of Mt. Lassen’s shield cap.

Bumpass Hell: Named for the unfortunate who plunged through the surface into scalding mud, this small valley is a dominated by the slurping and burping of boiling mud pots, the blowtorch-like roar of fumaroles venting superheated steam, and the above all the reek of sulfur.

Emerald Lake

The Sulfur Works: It was a series of vents such as these and those at Bumpas’ Hell that undermined the now vanished Mt. Tehama, infusing sulfuric acid into volcanic rock over 200,000 years, and just 10,000 years ago, causing the mountain to crumble and wash away, leaving a Shasta-sized void on Lassen’s southwestern flank.

LBM photographing lake Almanor.

The photo.

More than half of these photos were shot by LBM. His photo journal of the trip can be found here. Short video clips shot by LBM of the active hydrothermal vents are located here.

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