Saturday, January 19, 2008

Da Raucous Caucus

It’s almost enough to make me wish I was partisan, this hands-on, old-school exercise in democracy. Of course, as an independent I don’t get to caucus, but such is the cost of disdaining parties and ideologies.

Our early caucuses have a price, however: Politicians (Democrats at least) and their significant others have been swarming the desert sage state.

Billy C has been patrolling the flood-soaked streets and canals of Fentucky. A few days ago his wife was hanging in an architecture studio here in town, granting interviews. Now she’s down south on the strip pressing the flesh. Mr. Obama has given talks at local schools, high schools, and the university as well as talking the RGJ vultures. His wife has been speaking, mangling the state name, and then adroitly recovering.

What fun.

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