Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August on the Coast

On the beach at Pacific City during a day of just-for-the-fun-of-it exploration

A gianourmous sand dune! Possibly 400 or 500 feet high.

The climb up was brutal as every footstep would slide back down, necessitating three steps for every foot of altitude gained. The only thing more fun than going up was sprinting back down at breakneck speed. It took nearly eight minutes to climb, and somewhere around 15 seconds to run back down in an insane blur of headlong motion. I have never gone anywhere close to that fast before on two feet.

The view from up top

One massive block of sandstone

Looking north

Farther north...

...Ocean City

Between 17 and 14 million years ago, a series of rifts flooded the Pacific Northwest with flows of basalt lava. These fluid masses poured out of Western Washington, eventually covering some 63,000 square miles with multiple layers of a kilometer or more in depth. This is where those flows met the sea.

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