Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lazy, Lazy Sunday

So the gray and the rain are back.

The first time I traveled overseas, my hosts were shocked at my taking delight in the summer rain. After all, the summer was the one period that they were normally able to enjoy free of leaden skies and the drizzly afternoons.

Despite twenty plus years of life in the high desert of the Great Basin, I really do love gloom, gray, and a good excuse to spend a day indoors. I like the sun best when he is an infrequent but welcome guest; when a clear morning is a clarion summons to spend the bright day up in the golden mountains.

I do already miss the long summer twilight evenings, though. I loved taking off after work to prowl the city’s western hills or to wander through its various unique neighborhoods. But now I have a good reason for spending time at the keyboard, taking in good movies, or loosing myself in quality books.

I’ve been watching the super-duper extended Lord of the Rings trilogy for an hour each night before settling down to write. That has been rather fun.

Golumn's emotional MTV acceptance speech:

Another option concerning mindfulness:

I’m also thinking about dipping a bit deeper back into my geekish past and spending two nights a week painting a small army of war-gamming miniatures. I did this once before, way back in the early 90s, when I realized that I lacked the patience and attention to detail needed to do many of the things that I thought were important in life. I chose to focus on this hobby for the duration of one trip around the sun because it demanded excruciating calm and focus. It was an endeavor where the level of attention and its accompanying sense of tranquility were immediately apparent in the quality of the work before me.

…the nature of the material at hand determines his thoughts and motions, which simultaneously change the nature of the material at hand. The material and his thoughts are changing together in a progress of changes until his mind’s at rest…
~R.M Prisig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Besides, if I end up going back to school this winter or next autumn, I am going to have to take a break from writing. Last time around in the university I cranked out some top-notch A grade papers that blew my professors away, but it did leave me pretty much dead and numb when it came to time to turn my attention back to fiction.

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