Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aye Me

My poor car...

I was just 38 miles north of Reno on my way home when the kid in the red Chevy made a left turn on to the highway, right in front of me.

It was a blind left turn into oncoming traffic, as I had been following another vehicle who was turning off the highway onto the intersecting road where the kid in the Chevy was waiting. One moment the vehicle in front of me was pulling off to the right, the next the red Chevy was pulling onto 395, crossing my lane and blocking out the world as it filled the view from my windshield.

I had enough time to think "I'll be alright," then I was staring at a pair of flaccid air bags and patting myself down for blood and broken bones.

Not a damn thing!

By sheer luck (judging by the photos that Louis later took) the points of impact seem to have been my car's front left bumper and the trucks rear driver-side tire. That meant that much of the collision's energy was likely absorbed by the tire and the truck's springy suspension system. The fact that we collided on a snowy surface probably helped as well, transferring much of my vehicle's kinetic energy into a lateral motion that sent my Hyundai spinning across the highway.


Next day I was back on the road, heading north over the mountains in a rental car.


I really liked that little Hyundai. It's taken me up and down the West Coast without complaint. It's sad to have lost such a reliable car just because a teenager couldn't wait until his view of the highway was clear before pulling onto it.

Still, I was feeling good after the accident, happy to be alive and ecstatic to have walked away without a scratch.

Thankfully the kid was also unhurt.

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