Friday, December 05, 2008

The Eastern Olympic Peninsula

This is the "dry" eastern side of the peninsula. The climb was 2000ft at a 10-20% grade, as the trailhead sign informed me. It's also cougar country. So, in the future I need to think about coming up with a new set of precautions while hiking alone.

Damn!!!! This is exactly why I need to scrape up some discipline and buy a good DSLR camera. That white bump in the center of the picture is Mt. Baker. To the naked eye, this glacier sheathed monster, just south of the American-Canadian border, blots out a portion of the northern horizon. Like Rainier, this volcano is epic.

I..uhmm...*cough* borrowed this shot from Jenny Lee Silver of as an example of the kind of volcano shots that I keep missing out on because my lack of a good lens.

Mt. Baker and downtown Vancouver, Canada.

I'm going to get across the border and visit Victoria and Vancouver either this next spring or summer. Unfortunately, with one happy exception, all of the Canadians that I met while living in Europe were raging assholes. Still, these two cities look lovely in photographs, and I suspect that most Canadians are not as fervent as those whom I met abroad.

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