Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Portland Story

So, a day or two before Thanksgiving, a coworker waits in her car in the parking lot of an Albertsons grocery store. Her husband has gone inside to buy beer. Suddenly, four police cruisers pull up with lights blazing. The officers sprint inside. A few minutes later, the coworker's husband emerges with a six pack and a good story.

Apparently four hippie chicks had gotten into an argument over who would get the last Tofurkey(tm). This, being Portland, it quickly descended into a knockdown, four-way brawl.

Yes, four girls slugging it out over a fake tofu turkey.

It really is that kind of town: A river city of potheads, pragmatic visionaries, passionate young ideologues, militant bicyclists, Suicide Girls, programmers, book readers, high taxes, good public services, fantastic mass transit, and endangered imitation turkeys.

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