Saturday, January 03, 2009


I spent New Years Eve eating sushi, cleaning the apartment, getting my head ready for the next year, and drinking sake.

Whiskey and stollen

As it turns out, the cloudy white kind of sake is not a good thing to drink in any significant quantity, especially if you have to work the next day. Fortunately, being outdoors amidst the rain and monkeys helped to keep my head clear.

Sometimes I feel like a foreigner in my own homeland. Why do we Americans wear our dirty shoes into our dwellings, tracking around all the filth that we've walked through where we sleep and eat? No one else in the world seems to do so.

The me wall.

The planning nook. Often on Saturday mornings (when I'm not being forced to work) I'll stare at the maps until a destination for the day comes to mind. Then its out the door and on to the road.

The war god

The un-war god. Yes, I know. In reality he was mortal who obtained enlightenment rather than a deity.

Germany, Korea, and Italy, respectively.

My favorite poster.

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