Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Have Discovered the Crack-Rock of Musical Happiness...

...which is...

Or it could be the amazingly cheerful sounds of Sigur Ros. And that in itself is pretty impressive as I normally have a violently low threshold of tolerance for sappy music. Apparently you have to be Icelandic if you're going to please me with cooing, sparkly techno-ish tunes.

Also amazingly cool: webcomic Questionable Content

QC has been a nerdish and glorious waste of otherwise productive Internet time.

Anywho, I'm still not sure that leaving a secure research job to go back to school is a bright idea just now. Especially as this may well be the beginning of Great Depression II. On the other hand I am coming up on the use-it-or-loose-it point as far as my GI Bill benefits are concerned. And it feels really stupid to not finish my last year of college, especially when I may be the only person in the western world to graduate debt free.

So here's to stupidity and taking chances. After all, there's always been a fine line between dumb and bold.

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