Saturday, February 28, 2009


Fun, disturbing and odd things that we may well be able to do with the brain and body in the near future: (Yes, I know, I am being a total nerd here, but balls-out nerdishness is great fun!)

•Alternate pleasure modalities(mental): Brain modification that allows females to experience male-type visual arousal or ego stimulation. Males being able to experience feminine mode of mental arousal based off a sense of desirability.

•Alternate pleasure stimulation (physical):
Implants on nerve sites giving males a female skin sensitivity. Enhanced sensitivity for the erogenous zones of either sex. Artificial erogenous zones.

•Combating depression, anxiety and bi-polar disorders: Implants to moderate the mood regulating portions of the brain's cerabelus velum region. Such system would likely also include implants in or modifications of the glands of the endocrine system. Improved regulation of the brain's dopamine and serotonin levels as well as the activation of receptor sites.

•Enhanced endocrine system (physical regulation): Enhancement of flight or flight response, reduction of stress damage on organs and body systems, regulation of weight, creation of conditions favorable to muscle growth, bone density, etc…

•Repressing desensitization/ enhancement of engagement: Imagine a favorite song never loosing its intensity regardless of how many times you play it. Imagine never growing used to your lover, but rather maintaining the initial intensity of a relationship over a lifetime. Think about what it would be like not grow blasé about the beauty of your home environment. Possible side effects include: affective compulsion disorders, becoming frozen in a single phase of life, and the inhibition of stable interpersonal bonds. May also detract from situational awareness.

•The mystic’s experience of enlightenment: An artificial seizure in the parietal lobe preventing the brain from differentiating between internal and external information. The result is that the subject perceives all of existence as a unity

•Gnoetic experience: Enhancing, redirecting, or highlighting the feeling of insight or conviction that something is true.

•Enhanced gene repair: Viral, gene engineering, or artificial proteins that prevent the loss of gene repair capabilities, preventing many of the effects of aging.

•Augmented immune system:
Enhancing the immune system with modified cell receptor sites, hunter-killer microscopic machinery, improved lymphatic filtration, improved immunological recognition of pathogens…

•Memory enhancement (artificial storage):
Implanting an artificial medium of memory storage within the skull or brain.

•Memory (medium term): A recreation of an intermediary memory system that existed before the evolution of full long-term memory. This system allows animals such as chimpanzees to memorize larger number sequences than humans in a short amount of time.

•Memory enhancement (autobiographical):
Allows for the total video-like recall of a complete, emotionally significant episode, or of an individual's entire lifetime experiences (the latter option would be an intensive resource consumer in terms of memory space.) As things currently stand, natural autobiographical memory recreates a scene from stored cues rather than replaying a perfect video-like recording of an experience. Also, the ability to form new episodic memories does decline with age. This may well be a space-saving function, and its suppression could lead to newer memories overriding older ones. Maintaining a rate of memory formation comparable to ones childhood, teenage, or twenty-something years would likely necessitate the inclusion of artificial memory for storage in long-lived individuals.

•Memory enhancement (procedural): A heightened "muscle memory" that allows an individual to rapidly learn new physical tasks or procedures.

•Memory enhancement (eidetic): The perfect episodic recall of a single sense.

•Memory enhancement (semantic): Allows for perfect recall of abstract concepts, words, or other factual information.

•Enhanced sensitivity to Music:
“…an intensified functional connection between perceptual systems in the temporal lobes and parts of the limbic system involved in emotional responses…” This would allow a person a more intense experience of music as a whole or to certain aspects of music such as melody or rhythm.It may also be possible to induce perfect pitch.

•Suppression of traumatic memories: Modifications or pharmaceutical treatments that suppresses the involuntary recall of terrifying memories and/or lessen the traumatic feelings associated with such recollections.

•Modified Sexuality: Heteroflexibility: degrees of artificial bi-sexuality for those who want it. Voluntary reassignment of sexual orientation for those who wish it. Modification of existing physical or psychological preferences such as an implanted desire for overweight individuals, a changed dominance relation in sexuality, sensitivity to pain as an eroticized form of stimulation, or a lessening thereof…

•Personality modifications:
Enhanced or decreased sensitivity to risk taking, assertiveness, openness to new experiences, raised or lowered inhibitions (modes of impulse control), sense of entitlement, kinship feelings, sense of reciprocity…

•Artificial Talents:
Mathematical, musical, kinesthetic (positional body awareness), spatial reasoning and awareness, language skills, associative modes of thought (intuitive connections), emotional perception and reasoning (empathy), pattern recognition, categorization of phenomena…

Simulated sleep deprivation, actual sleep deprivation (possibly terminal), sensory deprivation... Artificially induced Obsessive Compulsive behaviors such an extreme need to count objects with in an environment, a compulsion for stringent hygiene, or an irresistible need for stimulation such as music or dangerous risk-taking behaviors. Induced psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, or autism… Selective maiming of sensory processing modalities such as an inability to see faces, to visually apprehend motion, to smell, to hear musical notes, to sense rhythm. Forced modification of sexuality to a non-desirable orientation or kink such as pedophilia, bestiality, submissiveness, domination, etc. Suppression of empathy to create an artificial psychopath. Suppression of the ability to form new episodic memories or to recall older ones.

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