Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Beer Episode

Weihenstephaner! They have Weihenstephaner here! I thought that all beer pretty much tasted like horse piss before I first tried Weihenstephaner while living in Bavaria. Weihen was the local beer of choice in our small region of the Free State, and it got me hooked on quality brews while I was living on the eastern side of the Atlantic. It's got that distinctive mouth taste of malted wheat and the weihenstephaner yeast that makes German wheat beers superlative.

I suppose that it's not a complete surprise that it can be found in Oregon. After all, this was pretty much the ground zero of the micro-brewing revolution that took place during the 80s and 90s. Good taste in beer abounds here.

Full Sail Amber, made by a small brewery out in the Columbia Gorge, is one of my favorite local beers. Normally the beers of the Pacific Northwest are a little heavy on the hops for my liking, but FS Amber has a balanced hops blend that keeps the bitter aftertaste mellow and pleasing while presenting a full mouth taste of malted barley.

The Samuel Smith oatmeal stout is an English dark perfectly matched to cold winter nights. It's smooth, full, and just a little smokey, with no hint of hoppy bitterness.

Sessions is Full Sail's attempt to recreate the classic pre-Prohibition American lager. It honestly tastes like Coors or Millers, only with flavor! Lot's of flavor - the kind of malt melody that the mass-produced commercial products only hint at.

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