Friday, May 29, 2009

"Lisa with Child"

The Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest

Yikes, I'm published! Or will be next year at any rate.


Apparently my short story "Lisa with Child" placed second in the first quarter of this year's Writers of the Future--the science fiction publishing industry's largest writing contest for newcomers. Not bad for my second try, and it's certainly not too shabby for someone who has never published anything. Essentially it gets my story published in next years WOTF anthology, my first literary paycheck, and a slot at an all-expenses-paid writers workshop, next year in LA. It also means that I beat out nearly a thousand other entrants to win before a board of famous science fiction authors. The reality of all this is still sinking in...

So, I need to pop in over at Baen's Bar and thank all of my fellow aspirants who were so very generous with their time and feedback.

Many, many thanks!

Also, congratulations to the other winners of this quarter - Tom Crosshill and K.C. Ball who placed first and third in the writing competition, as well as the illustrators Kelsey Wroten, Casssandra Shaffer, and Seth Rowanwood.



Tom Crosshill said...

Congratulations, Alex! Very cool. I look forward to meeting you at the workshop. And I'm sure I'll see you around at Baen's Bar, as I've been posting a few things there recently (in the JBU Slush).

Alex said...

Many thanks! I pretty much shamelessly used the JBU slush as an online writing circle this last year. I'm currently revising a novel-length manuscript, but expect to be active on JBU again in the near future.

Again, congratulations.

K.C. Ball said...

Congratulations to you, too, Alex.

I went Googling for "Alex Black", after the finalists' list came out, without any luck, so I'm pleased to hear from you.

I look forward to reading Lisa with Child. Perhaps we can talk to Joni about exchanging out winning entries. My story, Coward's Steel, is a bit of a pastiche, a post-apocalyptic, time-travel love story.

I'm certain we'll talk more before then, but I look forward to meeting you in Los Angeles next year.