Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Days five and six

Day five, on my own and rolling north. More angry waves...

Sunset at Pelican Bay, Oregon

Day Six: I really do not think that I am ever going to leave Oregon. After bouncing around the Earth for nearly two decades, I feel very much at home here. Maybe, maybe, maybe Seattle if I ever end up independently wealthy, but even that seems like a bit of a stretch. This world here of Gray and Green and Basalt is perfect for me on many levels. I can see happily being buried here.

Where sweet water meets the salt, flowing out into the World Ocean

I would still like to end up a stone Buddha on the Oregon coast, observing the dance of the All for eternity, as represented by the shifting sea and the mists and the interstitial realm of the tidal zone between the earth and the sky.

Possible epitaph: "Alex Black: Stoic by nurture, Epicurean by nature"

Tidal pools

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