Sunday, October 25, 2009

Macedonia and Kosovo

2 - 63 Armor Scout Platoon, three days before the deployment

Welcome to Macedonia

Skopje, capital of Macedonia. Set in a dry high-altitude valley surrounded by mountains, it looked amazingly like Reno at times.

A city of mosques. This was the western capital of the Ottoman Empire for several centuries.

If anyone could build a bridge to last two thousand years, it was the Romans

In the Turkish quarter

Road trip Macedonian style

At the car wash: Albanian kids, Turkish EOD sergeant, Macedonian children

Barracks life

There was no escaping Buffy in the late 90s. Not even in the Balkans

Christmas down range

In sparkly happy Macedonia, getting ready to go on guard duty, thanks for asking

Armed and sober...

Kosovo = mud

A mountain village near the Macedonian border "cleansed" by the Serbs during the war. This was apparently part of a strategy to prevent arms smuggling.

Our last day in country, on the way to the airport

On the plane back to Germany

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