Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More photos from Germany

Spring of 1999

We'd all spent the final six months of 98 watching Kosovo. Peace conferences came and went, and the reports of ethnic cleansing continued to play out on AFN and the German news networks. Then Račak happened. I think that for the Clinton administration that was the trigger point--the images of the frozen bodies sprawled out in the icy ditch. The kids were what hit the family men in my platoon particularly hard. More than one remarked in shaken tones, "this isn't right."

In practical terms Račak much meant the end of weekends off for us. The next six months were spent preparing for peacekeeping at first, and then as the air war dragged on, the invasion of Kosovo.

A day of playing OPFOR for the tankers

Slobodan Blackovich, Serb paramilitary impersonator...

Road trip to Garmisch-Partenkirche. This was the first weekend that we'd had off in five months.


The Alps

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