Friday, January 01, 2010


It was a good ending to a decade with a rough middle.

I got published! Not only that, but it was with a second place win in the science fiction and fantasy publishing industry's largest contest for new writers. That was so very sweet.

I went to my first convention as a neo-professional and met my peers!

I left a job that I did not like and returned to school.

I've gotten nothing by A's and B+'s since going back. Not bad for an individual who nearly flunked out of the university back in the early 90s.

I moved downtown. The apartment is beautiful and the neighborhood is gorgeous. I feel like I'm on vacation every time I step outside.

Everything I need is a 5 - 20 minute walk away.

I've lost another 13 lbs on top of the 16 pounds I shed last year.

For once I really do not have a list of New Years resolutions, so much as a set of behaviors to sustain. Hopefully this will lead to graduation and finding a decent-paying job. Also, publishing another short story ("Ashfall" goes out the door on Monday). Finally, I plan to continue revising Phase Line Escher and have it ready by the time of the WotF awards ceremony and workshop.

The only overt negative that I need to cease is spending so much time on the internet. I'll also have to break the hermitage sometime this year, but as long as school and writing are going so well there's no reason to quit. The only other serious change that I've got planned to do more traveling here in the Northwest. That got sidetracked in 2009 by the necessity of saving for school, but it can be easily remedied now with some fiscal discipline and a student job.

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