Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An absolutely gorgeous... on inner realities and human connections. Mind-blowingly good.

This one has had me thinking about what are my favorite OVAs from Japan: the ones that are top notch visually and intellectually.

In no particular order I'd have to go with:

Spirited Away
Princess Mononoke
(though not everyone cares for this film)
Tekkkon Kinkreet
Ghost in the Shell
Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel is currently not available in any format, unless you want to buy a VHS copy off eBay. Apparently James Cameron has bought the rights to do a CGI version of the manga. Here's hoping it's more nuanced than Smurfs in Space was.

I also enjoyed Howell's Moving Castle and Metropolis, though both stumbled towards the end. The most hyped film that was a letdown was Grave of Fireflies. A Swedish friend and I watched that film expecting a moving tale about the horrors of war and its innocent victims. Instead we found a story in which a boy let's his sister die out of sheer misplaced pride. While the film's maker may have intended to convey a subtler message, emotionally it was lost beneath question of why didn't he just take the money offered by his family that his father had left for him?

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