Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Fall (2006)

Unfortunately the quality of the story didn't quite live up to the sheer beauty of the images.

My understanding is that the director financed the movie with his own money so that he could carry out the full extent of his vision unhindered. Which is too bad because the plot ended up lacking thematic coherence and the story often seemed to fall out of focus even as the gorgeous scenes played out one by one. That missing narrative clarity is apparently one the qualities editors apparently help bring to films.

That being said, it was still very much worth a Netflix rental.

In some ways I wish that there would be editors versions of films alongside with the director versions often offered on DVD. Movies have grown longer over the past two decades in the Western World, and I often find myself getting fidgety during the last forty-five minutes or hour.

I have the same problem with books, which is a another strike against contemporary science fiction. Genre novels have grown in page count and could frequently benefit from being a hundred or more pages shorter.

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