Saturday, March 06, 2010

Monkey suicide

Apparently this poor primate flung himself from the roof, and plummeted to, well, a rather soft and fluffy landing below my window.

Oh cruel world...

Last month there was a fat raccoon waddling back and forth down there one evening, but by the time I grabbed my camera he was already gone.

That had me feeling a little nostalgic for monkey herding. One of the fun things about the primate center was watching raccoons beg for biscuits from the snow monkeys in the outdoor harem cages.

Even monkeys like having pets.

They certainly seem to anthropomorphize (monkeypromophize?) like humans do, in that they project their own own traits and expected behaviors on the world around them. While some monkeys can learn to speak human--learn to read our body language and behaviors--most interpret our actions according to their norms.

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