Saturday, June 05, 2010

So it was retro burlesques...

...that were in fashion a few years back. Nowadays it appears to be belly-dancing fused with Goth or tribal music.

Ironically, the one time in life that I went to strip clubs with any regularity was not in the military. Rather it was back when I was in the private sector of the monkey herding industry, and it was largely female co-workers who were the instigators behind our group outings after work. They seemed to enjoy the atmosphere and freedom of the clubs, and they were the ones who purchased all the lap dances.

They spent a good deal of time picking out which dancer they liked best, and then discussed the woman's looks, clothing, and charms at length before hiring her. I think it was a way of feeling beautiful, of borrowing another woman's grace and good looks for a short while to augment their own. In someways it's similar to how the primary attendees of retro burlesques are primarily hetero women.

Those after work excursions also says something about the differences between the various branches of science. When I was working as a bench chemist technician in the climate sciences there was no way anyone in the facility would have set foot in the parking lot of a strip club, let alone go inside. Even eye contact or greetings made in passing in the facility's hallways were few and far between.

Monkey jockeys, on the other hand, had an entirely different outlook. A family member who joined a group of us for lunch once commentated that my outgoing co-workers expressed themselves more like a group of theater students than technicians.

The difference was even more night and day when it came to the scientists. The sociability of the of the PhD holders in biology was remarkably different from the almost autistic focus of most of the chemists.

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