Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Many thanks!

Sitting in the plush lounge of a four-hundred-dollar-a-night hotel on Hollywood Boulevard and talking with seven other published writers about the craft, the industry, and the future of the genre is seriously cool.

I owe a debt to the people who helped me get here. Those most directly responsible are the folks associated with the Jim Baen's Universe slush site.

Sam Hidaka and Gary Cuba who oversee the site.

Fellow aspirants on the slush who were kind enough to read "Lisa with Child" and offer constructive criticism. Among those whose feedback was particularly insightful were:

Pat Steiner

J. R. Tomlin


Karen Chaffee

Mark Suplinskas

Stuart Gibbon (Read his stories people! He writes some kick ass stuff like "A Crossing Guard at the Event Horizon," Cosmos Magazine, August 2009).

The superhuman Edith Mayor, who may or may not be a literary artificial intelligence coded from the uploaded souls of a-dozen master editors and first line readers.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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