Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Writers of the Future photos

Sunrise over LA, as seen from the hotel room


A four hundred-dollar per night hotel room on Hollywood Boulevard

Scrappy and I confront the workshop's twenty-four hour writing challenge. My source material: 1 plastic armadillo, a five minute-long conversation with five homeless kids on the disadvantage of a college education, four random non-fiction books off the shelves of the Hollywood loan library. Ready, set, go...

An Irishman seeks inspiration

Taking a break in the lounge

Scrappy polishes off a twelve-dollar scotch and soda as he puts the finishing touches on a story of Taoist-inspired nanotech, rebel teens, and an artificial ecology evolving along aesthetic lines.

Writers of the Future Volume XXVI goes to print

Writers on a bridge

Writers, illustrators, and industrial-sized ink cartridges

Finished product!

Earlier in the week


Laurie Tom said...

Hey, Alex! Glad you made it back. :) When did you have a chance to go to the beach though?!

Alex said...

Hey Laurie! I flew down a few days early to visit with family who live out by the coast. I hope you had a good drive back through LA traffic :)

BTW I'm about half way through reading "Living Rooms" for the first time. Very cool.

Brad R. Torgersen said...

These photos are superb! I was dumb enough to leave my camera home, so I am glad you posted these.

Alex said...

Glad you like them! I'm kicking myself that I didn't take more.