Friday, September 17, 2010

An added purpose

As an aside, this blog seems to have become a means for me to boil down bodies of complex concepts into palatable summaries for use in genre writing. Or at least that's now an added purpose among others.

I've redone the "Art perception" posting three times after putting it up for public viewing. Which is annoying and unprofessional. However, not only does it feel like I now have a much better handle on the biology and its relationship to art, but it's finally summarized well enough that I can salt it into a story with out choking the plot with explanations.

That being said, in the future I will wait at least four days after the first draft before putting up a science and philosophy piece like that. These things really do need time to settle and for the connections between the concepts to mature.

Pies cooling on the windowsill and all that...

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