Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A chilly night here in P-Town

I swung by the university today to pick up my diploma, and then walked across town to the weekly meeting of the Fireside writing group off East Portland's Bohemian Hawthorn Street. Afterwards it was marvelously cold - a kind of breathtaking liquid air that put me in mind of seven weeks spent above the arctic circle in Norway back in '98. Forty nine days of guarding a two-star level TOC (a command post) and going through the Army's Winter Warfare School.

It was a great trip in a beautiful land. A place of mountains descending into the sea, cottage-like houses, and a night sky that burned with sheets of phosphorescent fire.

A gorgeous video of the nighttime skies illuminated by the aurora borealis and the lovely city Tromsø, where I passed some time a dozen years ago. Music by local electronica band made-good, Röyksopp.

If Norway's people could be staid, they also had the advantage of a well-set cultural identity that informs them of precisely who they. Quite the novelty for a kid from Nevada where nearly everyone is newcomer who settled there during the past twenty years.

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