Sunday, November 14, 2010

Still more interesting cyber warfare stuff

Who Can Protect Us From Major Cyber Attacks? | Defense Tech

If it seems like I'm fixated on network attacks and infrastructure, it's because I am. A devastating online assault against one or more of the world's major economies with a decade of economic fallout is a much more probable scenario than a rogue nuke or any other weapons-of-mass destruction terrorist scenario.

Incidences like the recent stuxnet attack against Iran's nuclear infrastructure and China's apparent rerouting of a significant portion of the world's internet traffic really should be a wakeup call.

15 Percent of All Internet Traffic Secretly Rerouted Through China | Defense Tech

Related to that, the most probable global natural disaster that worries me is a repeat of the 1859 solar flare that literally burned out telegraph networks. A similar event today could take decades to recover from, and chances are we would have little warning. The time to harden our life-sustaining electronic and digital infrastructure is right now.

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