Monday, December 13, 2010

Earthquake swarm in Arkansas

Earthquake 'swarm' rattles Arkansas town and its residents -

We had a similar swarm of small quakes in Reno not long before I moved up here in 2008. It was an interesting feeling waiting to see if all of those small tremblers would come together into a disaster or play out in a gradual redistribution of tension. Especially as my life was on the cusp of a major change, as it may well be now.

I've graduated and am getting ready to send more writing projects out the door. I've also been spamming the employment-sphere with resumes and applications. Nothing has come back yet, but I'm certainly curious to see what will come of it all. Will I be able to stay here in the City of Roses, or will I need to move elsewhere to make the jump from blue to white collar work.

That transition in and of itself will be a major change. Of course in the current market employment of any kind is far from a given. I've seen some bright people who landed a job only after a year or two of being out and about and pressing the flesh and working to meet potential employers face to face.

Back in 2008 those quakes certainly felt as if they presaged major changes all around me. This time though, the swam of tremblers belong to somebody else. Which is fine with me as I am looking to improve on the life that I've began to build here in the lovely City of Roses two years ago.

So we will see. I'm certainly hoping to stay here, or somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. After having bounced around the planet, this town and this region suit me perfectly.

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