Monday, January 03, 2011

2010: Music

I don't listen to music while writing, but it still influences my keyboard time. Melody and beat and tone form a landscape of emotions that serves as motivation to turn characters and their lives into descriptions on ink and paper.

For me the year started out with a return to 90s sensibilities.

Which included listening to lots of Shoegazer music.

An updated form of electric blues with indie leanings rocked and rocked hard

It was also the year that I finally got Sleater-Kinney. Previously I was not a fan. Something about high-octave girly voices does not work for me. But a desire to like one of the quintessential icons of Portland music drove me to give them several tries. Finally my ears started to appreciate just how skilled these performers were with their guitars and how much they rocked in an 80s pop sense. Uninhibited and playful, but with intelligent lyrics.

Finally it was also a year of electronica and Chill. In someways electronic has become my go-to genre, the type that I'm most likely to put of after coming in the door.

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