Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cyber Stride

I've picked up my first professional copywriter gig (part time) with Cyber Stride, LLC, an applications and e-commerce software development company. It's been fun collaboratively developing a personable business market voice for the company blog. That and to ditch the dry academic writing style and all of the bad academic habits I acquired this past year while finishing up my degree at Portland State.

It's also sublimely nice just to be making money while writing. In a bizarre reversal, my hunt for a post-graduation day job has failed badly, but putting text on the screen is bringing in revenue. And there are more paid writing prospects in the offing. Here's hoping they go through.

Who knows. I might end up using writing to support my dream job of being a neighborhood coffee shop barista...

OK. Maybe not. There's still this whole fix-literary-science-fiction thing to take care of first.

My current articles on the Cyber Stride site are under Social Networking and Mobile Platform blogs.

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