Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Gorge: West to east

Multnomah Falls, not far from Portland

Green, green, green. The kind of emerald landscape I dreamed of while growing up in brown and tan Nevada.

Starvation Creek, further west in the Cascades

Ninja tree...

Basalt, laid down during the uplift of the Great Basin and the emergence of the Yellowstone and Newberry volcanic hot spots on the Nevada - Oregon border, seventeen-million years ago.

A spring coming up through broken basalt

Layer after layer flowed over much of the Pacific Northwest during a two million-year period as rifts opened up from Central Nevada through eastern Washington and western Idaho. At its deepest, the basalt is nearly two miles thick, and it's bent the continental bedrock into a broad concave under central Washington.

An oak-filled side canyon, further to the east

The river and the mountain

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