Friday, April 15, 2011

Mt. Adams photographic expedition...kind of...

I spent a morning spent up in the highlands at the base of Mt. Adams to take some photos of the mountain. Only the volcano decided to hide behind a localized veil of clouds on an otherwise sunny day

So, instead I motored around and took micro shots of the highland countryside while waiting for the clouds to lift.

Still winter in the mountains, while spring has sprung below

At last, the volcano begins to show itself. Big and bulky, Adams creates its own weather systems.

Did I mention it creates its own weather?

Gracile and tapered, Mt. Hood lacks the broad shoulders needed to form large storms. Clouds merely slide around her slender form.

An photo from a few years back. It may not look it from this distance, but Adams is tall and vast enough that Mt. Hood would fit inside with room to spare.


Laurie Tom said...

Those are beautiful photos, Alex!

Alex Black said...

Glad you like the pictures, Laurie! It was a fun if not occasionally frustrating morning shooting them.