Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two Photojournalists Killed Covering Battle In Libya

Two Photojournalists Killed Covering Battle In Libya : NPR

This is definitely a sad one. For me, Tim Hetherington's Restrepo was the only worthwhile documentary to come out of either the Afghan or Iraq wars. I tried watching several over the course of the past decade, and sadly the filmmakers' political views were normally about as subtle as a baseball bat to the face.

There's almost a kind of inverse law that seems to apply to war documentaries. The more a filmmaker insists that his or her work is neutral piece, the further it sits towards one side or the other of the ideological spectrum.

While Restrepo does not always show the US Army in its best light, it does as good a job as I've seen so far of documenting the life of a small group of infantrymen spending over a year in a hazardous combat zone, as well as chaos and confusion of battle and the sometimes bloody difficulties of waging war in a tribal mountain environment where politics are clan based.

So I'm definitely ruing the loss of Herterington and the even perspective that he brought to covering armed conflicts.

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