Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Warmly recommended


"Outbound" is the kind of sweeping science fiction with a thread of hard-fought optimism that used to regularly connect with readers before the genre turned lagely dark and cynical during the 1990s. So it comes as no surprise then that Brad's novelette has drawn popular praise and recently won a readers-choice Anlab award after having first appeared in Analog magazine last year. "Outbound" shares an emotional resonance with works like Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead, in which a bright but wounded individual fights through dire circumstances and comes to terms with issues of family and faith--all set against a backdrop of epic future conflict. Available here on Amazon for $0.99 in Kindle Format.

Aside from "Outbound's" intrinsic merits, it's also a real treat to recommend this story because Brad is both a fellow Writers of the Future 26 winner and an author who shares similar views with regards to dragging literary science fiction out from the morass of cynicism and polarized ideology that it has been mired in for two decades now. While I'm preparing to publish a set of works designed to help reconnect the genre with its alienated fan base, Brad is already out front on this path. He has several novelettes in Analog Magazine as well as a forthcoming anthology story collaboration with veteran military science fiction author, Mike Resnick.


Even with his recent successes in traditional publishing, Brad is also experimenting with direct digital publishing by putting up new original genre works on Amazon and other online venues. Among these is his futuristic noir detective novelette "Blood and Mirrors". This gritty mini novel features a synthetic human police detective faced with a case that threatens to drag her back into the hellish sex trade that she was created for.

At $0.99, it's a steal.

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