Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Public readings

I need to go to more book readings. I never realized before last night how much fun they could be.

Yesteday it was reading by Steampunk / urban fantasy author Cherie Priest and two of her friends--authors Mark Henry and Richardson--at the gorgeous Mcmenamin's Kennedy school. The event was moderated by the award-winning Mary Robinette Kowal, and laughter filled the venue during Priest's reading--a section from her most recent urban fantasy work which was essentially twenty minutes of dick jokes, all deftly executed in the context of her character's snarky conversation.

I know, dick jokes. Really.

Well, yes, but as previously mentioned, well-execute and totally appropriate to the characters.

Unfortunately I've never been able to get into Priest's Clockwork Century steampunk novels, despite trying. It's a shame as obviously a lot of readers have, so we'll call that a personal failing on my part.

The Red Report series, however, is one I will be picking up.

 I know, I am a weak person, but I can certainly use a good literary-driven laugh now and then.

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