Monday, October 17, 2011

Technology Is One Path Toward Sustainability | Orion Magazine

An interesting look at the very real environmental crises confronting us and why First World environmentalists have been unable to successfully fix these problems over the past past few decades.

Technology Is One Path Toward Sustainability | Orion Magazine:

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I don't agree with the authors' characterization of current environmental beliefs as an "ecotheology." Most adherents are demonstrably secular in their outlook. I do, however, agree that an almost puritanical anti-technology zeal on the part of environmentalists whose lives embrace technology and all-too-often negative attitudes towards their fellow human beings have contributed the ongoing failures to tackle problems like global warming. That and a willingness to destroy the livelihoods of indigenous people or blue collar workers without creating effective alternative forms of employment, as was the case with much of the timber industry here in the Pacific Northwest during the spotted owl debate of the 1990s.

All of which is a great tragedy. Even as global climate change is helping to drive numerous local crises around the world and threatens to inflict much greater misery on the lives of billions, the issues have become highly politicized here in the US. Sadly, much of the working class and many in the developing world have come to see environmentalists as a threat to their ability to feed themselves and their children.

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