Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Amendment 29 to the US Constitution

1. The designated National Volcanic Emergency Evacuation Area shall be administered as Unorganized Incorporated Territories of the United States under the terms set in the National Emergency Reorganization Organic Act of 2032. The Great Plains, Rocky Mountain, and Upwind Territories shall be Organized at such time as at least 5,000 persons shall have inhabited a Territory for two consecutive years.

2. The Congress and the President shall recognize the suspension of State Government within the National Volcanic Emergency Evacuation Area only upon the Application of the Legislatures of the affected State, or should the Decennial Census find that the population of that State has fallen below 60,000 fulltime residents during the evacuation period.

3. The President shall direct the Armed Forces and Federal Law Enforcement Officers to administer law and to ensure the public safety within the Jurisdiction of a State within the National Volcanic Evacuation Area only after a recognized Suspension of State Government has taken place.

4. Congress shall make no New States or reapportion the boundaries of Suspended States within the National Volcanic Emergency Evacuation Area during the duration of the emergency.

5. At such time as the population within the former Jurisdiction of any Suspended State within the National Volcanic Emergency Evacuation Area reaches 60,000 inhabitants the Congress, the Courts, the President, and Fellow States shall recognize the sovereignty of that State and the validity of that State’s Constitution as written at the time of suspension. Elections under that State Constitution shall be carried out immediately.

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