Saturday, December 31, 2011

The patient year in music

Music was somewhat more mild and introspective for me this past, which probably comes as no great surprise given that this was largely a year of waiting.  Namely the long wait for employment while hunting for a post graduation job. A wait which gradually gave way to a busy self-employment schedule as any sort of a normal job failed to materialize, but more and more copywrite and paid literary gigs came in through the door.

As laid back and philosophical as the music was, it still tended to stay on the brighter of the emotional spectrum.

The seasonally migrating Portland, Oregon and Marfa, Texas based YACHT turned out one of my favorite albums for this orbit around the sun with Shangri-la.

Meanwhile the more ambient and chill strains of electronica have continued to fill up a larger and larger part of my playlists.

The discovery of musician Jan Jelinek thought the release of the now famous video of International Space Station footage defenitely helped with that move further into realm of ethereal sounds with some faint, bop-era jazz sensibilities.

All of which has been an enormous professional boon. Spending eight to twelve hours per day behind the keyboard writing has meant that I've needed to find some healthy stimulants to help maintain focus and task-concentration for extended periods of time. Ambient music with a steady, low-grade kind of intensity and no distracting lyrics has filled that need perfectly.  Well that and a lot of espresso and tea. 

Meanwhile, attention-grabbing and distracting music has generally stayed on the brighter side of sound as well. In that vein, The King is Dead by Portland-area band the Decemberists introduced several good tracks.

Some of which do a fantastic job of evoking atmosphere and sensory impressions.

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