Friday, January 27, 2012

"Lisa with Child" is still doing well

Yesterday my Writers of the Future story picked up a nice mention in a review by Claire Deming over at Science Fiction and Other Odysseys. Which I was very glad to see, as even after spending the past twelve months working hard on several very intense projects that are going out the door this year, I still a have a very big soft spot for that sweet little short story.

"Lisa with Child" story illustration by Tyler Carter

I've certainly been wanting to do more writing in the world of "Lisa with Child" for some time now.  So much so that on a Saturday three weeks back I cranked out 4000 words of a followup story in three hours, when I was supposed to be taking time off from writing. Those 4k words are probably about half of the total story, which follows Lisa and her sixteen-year old, hyper-genius daughter Kim as they attempt to track down a rogue, weaponized artificial intelligence. At stake is the sanity of thousands of mind-hacked humans as well as the unique, symbiotic mother - daughter bond that Lisa and Kim share. That and Kim's somewhat turbulent relationship with her human mother Karin--the retired CIA officer from the first story.

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