Monday, February 13, 2012

The lack of recent blog posts

In the past month and a half I've cranked out a 33,000 word novelette, an 8k short story, the first 5,000 words of a second short, critiqued a novel for a friend, edited my own first novel, and written a dozen copywrite articles. So, lots and lots of words, but not much time for generating any new ones for the beloved blog. 

Despite online journals having peaked and fallen out of pubic favor, I continue to enjoy posting here on Consilience. In part to share cool things like photos of the Pacific Northwest, Links, comments on relevant videos, and general observations, but also because blogging is a fun platform with which to occasionally experiment with topics and writing styles that probably won't end up in my genre or copywriting work. So, I'l be back to making regular posts here on Consilience once the current, unusual load of projects is finished.

In the meanwhile, I'm immensely curious to see how events will play out starting in March with the release of my novelette, The Call, which will be appearing in the first wave of Steven Savile's VIRAL Novels series. In part because I was floored to get the invite to contribute to this ambitious techno thriller project as one of two junior authors among a posse of established names. But also because the entire undertaking is an experiment in new wave publishing. Even as the traditional print industry continues to decline, new and uncertain avenues of connecting with readers are emerging.

So, we'll be releasing these stories in ebook formats on Barnes and Nobles Nook with publicity support from B&N, and then on other online stores, with an omnibus print edition to follow. Steve is pretty much inverting the normal order of publishing with this project, but given his successes with the new platforms, including selling tens-of-thousands of ebook copies of his thriller Silver on Amazon it's an interesting and experimental undertaking that I'm happy to be a part of.

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