Thursday, February 23, 2012

VIRAL update

So, us VIRAL Novels authors just did a group interview with the venerable (by internet standards) Chronic Rift pop culture website. The podcast version will be up on March 8th.

The interview was a not only a fun experience, but I'm still very happy just to be in the company of some well-established, strong-selling authors.That and the fact that we were even able to do a group talk, scattered around the globe as we are, was a great we-are-living-in-the-future moment.  Steven Savile was in Sweden, Keith DeCandido on the East Coast, Jordan Ellinger and I were out here on both sides of the international border in the Pacific Northwest, and zombie apocalypse author par excellence Jason Fischer was sitting at his work desk on lunch break on the other side of the international dateline in Australia.

Technology. Hell yeah!

Also, we confirmed that the trade paperback ominibus edition will be out this year here in the US for people who like their stories in ink and paper.

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