Thursday, March 01, 2012

The Call - now up on Barnes and Noble

My novella collaboration with Steven Savile (author of the top-selling thriller Silver) is now up on Barnes and Noble Online as part of B&N's First Look program. The Call features hardcore intrigue, techno-thriller action, and a man who might just be the crustiest, most badassed CIA operative to smack the world of literature upside its head in a long while.

It's the fourth novelette in the VIRAL Novels series, commng in after Steven and Keith DeCandido's -30-, Jason Fischer's Anomaly, and Jordan Ellinger's Martyrs. Taken together, these books give four very different views of the war on terror, all of them tied together by action, espionage, and the moral ambiguity of an international war fought in the shadows.

The Call will release on and other ebook venues in six weeks, and the tradepaper back ominibus edition will be out later this year. In meanwhile, if you don't own a Nook you can still read it on most computers and mobile devices by downloading a copy of the free Nook reader app. 

Happy reading!

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