Monday, March 26, 2012

A good news cavalcade

The past month has provided a steady stream of good writing-related news. Two friends in the science fiction community are up for major awards within the field. Tom Crosshill's moving story, Mama, We are Zhenya, Your Son, is on the shortlist for a Nebula award, which is the equivalent of an Oscar for SF. At the same time, Brad Torgersen's "Ray of Light" is up for the genre's prize trifecta: the Nebula, Hugo, and Campbell awards in the novelette category.

Also, Aussie buddy and fellow VIRAL author Jason Fischer just got the cover art for his forthcoming Zombie apocalypse story collection, Everything Graveyard. At the same time, Jordan Ellinger, also in VIRAL, has been getting some great fan love for his novelette, Kineater, in Games Workshop's latest Grotek and Felix anthology in the Warhammer fantasy setting.

Meanwhile, the lead VIRAL novella,  -30-, by Keith DeCondido hit #2 in War and Military and #23 among Thrillers on Barnes and Noble, with some much welcomed PR support by B&N. That means that he was beating out John Gresham for a time, and overall it was good month for Team VIRAL. I'm looking forward to see how we do once our exclusivity period with Barnes and Noble is up and we can take the series to Amazon and other ebook venues, and of course how the trade paperback omnibus edition does once it's off the press and up for sale later this year.

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