Wednesday, April 25, 2012

In this life,you are your brain

That fact is a big part of why I'm so fascinated with the brain and the minds that it generates. Well, that and how we might be able to tweak or alter the brain and mind during the coming decades, both for awe-inspiring good and for some potentially horrific badness. Either way, when it comes to who we are and who we might be, the organ of thought figures prominently.

I also think the brain, mind, and our experience of life is a largely untapped topic in science fiction. Or at least, there is almost nothing in literary science fiction that talks about altering minds and gray matter in the context of the brain's genetic and evolutionary history, or that touches on the actual real-world wetware systems that we have learned so much about during the past two decades.

Systems that give rise to the desires and hungers that motivate us and that shape our perception of everything around and even within us.

So it was really cool this morning to jump on to the internets find that not only has Fiona Apple's latest single dropped for her forthcoming album, but that she's singing about that sometimes difficult and bothersome brain and the experiences and emotions that it creates for us.

And she does a beautiful job of it.

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