Thursday, April 05, 2012

Lisa with Child - A Novella

“Lisa with Child” is excellent Science Fiction.
  ~Frank Dutkiewicz, Diabolical Plots

Tomorrow marks my entry into the Amazon epublishing market before getting back to the pursuit of traditional print deals. My first offering is a pairing of my Writers of the Future short story "Lisa with Child" with a follow up novella, Lisa and Kim. 

Product description: 

Originally an award winning short story, Lisa with Child - A Novella is a journey into a near future where the blurred borders between biological and machine life are about to vanish. 

Recently retired from the CIA, former field operative Karin Linhart finds herself haunted by memories from a career spent hunting extremists armed with self-replicating weapons of mass destruction. On the verge of her return to the Agency as a private contractor, Karin's synthetic bodyguard and companion, Lisa, announces that she is pregnant - a unique and troubling violation of the strict rules forbidding the manufacture of self-reproducing weapons systems. With her future in the Agency in doubt and Lisa in grave danger, Karin must fight to understand the means and reasons behind her guardian's decision, even as time is quickly running out for both of them. Karin's superiors are close to learning about Lisa's decision, and Karin knows she will soon be forced to choose between a career that once gave her life meaning and the existence of a being whose emotions and thoughts were once symbiotic extensions of her own. 

"Lisa with Child" first appeared in volume 26 of the annual Writers Future anthology, after being chosen for inclusion by a board of science fiction authors that included Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Orson Scott Card. Lisa with Child - A Novella includes the short story "Lisa with Child" and the novella-length chapter Lisa and Kim, a story of the ties that bind families together pitted against a lethal rogue AI hellbent on subsuming humanity.

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